A journey to Friuli, a journey into the self

Inizio Primavera tra i monti del Friuli

Primo fine settimana di Primavera dedicato alla ri-scoperta del Friuli con occhi, piedi, orecchie, mani, cuore


Who are we? A not for profit association based in Friuli-Venezia Giulia aiming to promote beauty, well being and inner peace. We like to send messages in bottles, that travel all through the Ocean of consciousness to meet other soul traveller, in love with silence, nature and well being.


We are fragments of a single soul that find themselves travelling around


Tourism needs moving away from the madness of mass tourism to a type of experience that can nurture our deepest needs rather than our deepest wants. Physical travel is a symbol of our inner journey, where the final destination is our reconnecton with ourselves. Our land blesses us with marvelous Mountains and woods, crystal clear rivers and water streams and historic small villages which are oasis for our souls. We want to share these jewels with you. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is an Italian region situated in the North East of the country. It offers plenty of tourist infrastructures but has not yet been hit by mass tourism, on the contrary, it’s still a place where one can enjoy the beauty, stillness and silence offered by our natural landscapes to relieve from stress and reconnect with one’s deeper self. One of our greatest desire is to connect with other people and establish meaningful friendships and true relationships.

Do you want to know more about this journey or about the other ones we are creating? Feel free to ask!